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FS: A Beka / Sonlight / Saxon / Apologia - high school level

Posted: Sat Oct 21, 2006 8:19 am
by HomeschoolCNY
Email me at if you are interested in any of the following textbooks. They were all used by me for my junior and senior years of homeschooling in the past two years.

A Beka Economics - recommended for grades 11/12 - textbook, teacher guide, test booklets, test key, quiz booklet, and quiz key. $80.00

A Beka Workbook VI for Handbook of Grammar and Composition - recommended for grade 12 - teacher key, test/quiz booklet, and test/quiz key. $18.00

A Beka Vocabulary VI - recommended for grade 12 - teacher key, quiz/test booklet, and quiz/test key. $18.00

A Beka English Literature - recommended for grade 12 - textbook and teacher guide. $38.00

A Beka MacBeth and Pilgrim's Progress - coincides with the English Literature course and each book contains its own questions. $12.00

A Beka English 12 Parent Guide / Student Daily Lessons book - pieces together the Handbook of Grammar and Composition, Vocabulary, and English Literature into a single daily lesson. Missing the covers due to the way it was bound but otherwise it's all there. $10.00

A Beka Jesus and His Followers - recommended for grades 11/12 - textbook, teacher guide, video manual, and test/quiz/review booklet. $50.00

A Beka Consumer Math - recommended for high school or advanced middle school - test/quiz booklet. $3.99

A Beka Vocabulary / Spelling / Poetry V - recommended for grade 11 - teacher key, quiz key, and vocabulary/spelling quizzes. $18.00

A Beka Speech for Today - recommended for grades 11/12 - textbook, teacher guide, and video manual. $20.00

A Beka Sex, Love and Romance - recommended for use with either A Beka Health or Bible courses. $5.00

Sonlight What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? - used with Sonlight's Bible course, but is also a good read separately and brings about some thought-provoking questions. $9.00

Saxon Advanced Mathematics - recommended for grade 12 - textbook, homeschool packet (test and problem set answers), test forms. I also have the multimedia CD that accompanies the course, around here somewhere. If I can locate it, I would be willing to add that for an additional cost. $140.00

Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry - recommended for grades 11/12 - textbook, multimedia CD, solutions and tests booklet, schedule, and chemistry supplies kit. $150.00