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Placement and catching up for high school?

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 8:28 pm
by rage_6225
Hey guys, I'm 17 and have been homeschooled since grade 1 because my parents dont agree with the way the school systems teach. I am unclear of where I should be posting this for help, but straight to the point...

My parents havnt sent ANY of my work into the government, and so as far as the government knows im not even graduated from elementry. My mom has always told me I've been doing good in my work and says I'm in the grade 11 course like I should be, but I highly doubt I am :S I compare my work to my friends and such that are close to the same grade as me, and they do WAY more work then I ever do, heck I'm still in algebra 1...

Once I have relised this I thought I should ask my parents to go to highschool, so when I did my parents exploded, told me I was stupid for wanting to go, and my dad even bolted out of the house quoting that he had to leave or he was going to hit me O.o.

So back to the point, eventualy I got my parents to call the school board to try to get me in, while they were yet still very pissed. They called the board of education and they said I had no records at all with the system and it would be nearly impossible to graduate now if I went. Seeing my mom didnt do much talking on the phone to find a way around it , I went to my friends that go to a highschool close by.

So after I went to my friends they told me there is a test to evaluate what grade I am at so I could be enrolled. A few days later I sucked up the guts to go behind my parents backs and go to the highschool office about it, when we talked to them they said I couldnt take the test unless they had proof that I graduated from elementry... Seeing that I have no records at all, this was yet impossible... And just recently now I was told by my friend that if the government finds out that I have no record of a education level, my parents could be fined and I could possibly be taken away... So my question is, is this true? and ANY other advice that may be useful?.. Your replys are GREATLY appreciated. if you cant get ahold of me on here please e-mail me at

I REALLY want to graduate and possibly get a job with film editing :) thanks guys.


Re: Placement and catching up for high school?

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 11:09 pm
by Theodore
Not being allowed to take the placement test unless you can prove you graduated from elementary is bogus. I assume you can prove competency in all the core subjects - reading, writing, math, history, science - at least to the entrance level for high school, assuming you can take the test?

My advice is to (a) take a standardized placement exam and (b) work up any the subjects that you're behind in. Your state placement exam will probably be available from other sources besides your local high school, and if you can't get access to it there either, you can always take a placement exam offered by another state or an accredited school in your state.

Then you just need to work on your weak areas. This doesn't have to take long - you can go from Algebra 1 to Calculus in a year if you really work at it, and two years if working at a slower rate. Follow up everything with a nationally standardized test such as AP, CLEP, or DSST, so you have simple, concrete proof of your progress. I don't know if I'd enroll in the high school, especially if they're going to be a pain about the entrance requirements, but if you need help getting the proper structure for some courses, you can always do the courses online or at the local community college, or at any school that offers courses to students who aren't enrolled with them full-time. This method is a good compromise between what your parents want (to not have you enrolled in public school) and what you need (official records of where you, and classroom time for more difficult subjects).

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 1:56 am
by rage_6225
Bleh, I've failed to menchn that I live in Canada Ontario, so im unsure if things may work the same as the US, but we're almost exactly to everything in the schools related so i cant see why not... Thankya Theodore, I greatly apreciate your time

Re: Placement and catching up for high school?

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 2:25 am
by Theodore

As a result of OFTP's efforts to have this non-legal policy changed, the Ministry of Education drafted a new official policy, released in June 2002 as Policy/Program Memorandum No.131, which directs school boards to accept a family's letter of intent to homeschool as sufficient evidence that the parents are providing satisfactory instruction. School boards are directed to investigate only if there are "reasonable grounds" to suspect that the instruction is not satisfactory, and are given to understand that homeschooling methods and schedules etc. may be very different from the kind of instruction provided in schools.

Some school boards continue to attempt a more routine monitoring of homeschooling families. If this is the case for you, you may wish to refer them to PPM131.

Looks like you're ok, though you'll still want to catch up to where you should be just on general principle. You can get info on Ontario tests here: